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Animal communication

As animal communicator I – Ulrike Birkemeyer – assist people who would like to know how their pets feel and what they wish for and desire. Some people would like to strengthen their relationship to their animal fellows, others do have open questions for their deceased loved ones.

I have set myself the task of assisting people who would like to learn or to improve their communication with their pets. I consider myself as the ambassador (messenger) of animals in two respects – on the one hand as advocate for their rights and for a loving and respectful interaction with them as equal beings and partners and on the other hand as bearer of their messages.


Our animal partners do have something to say – starting with their desires up to profound messages.

Systemic Animal Constellation


By the means of systemic animal constellation you may find out the cause for and the background of diseases or assumed misconduct.

We can easily put ourselves in the place of the animals during a animal constellation and understand their situation better. At the same time we can make offers to lead the energy into a new direction and therefore ensure healing on the soul level.

Looking at the problem is most of the time the first step to finding a solution. For your pet it means immediate emotional relief.

Animal Communication Ulrike Birkemeyer - Systemic Constellation
Animal Communication Ulrike Birkemeyer - End of Life Care

End-of-life care

Accompanying your dying animal partner is one of the most difficult and painful experiences.

I very much would like to guide you and your companion during this emotionally difficult time with animal communication. Together we can accompany your pet on his/her last journey by creating a loving and caring surrounding.

With the death of your pet a mourning process starts. The mourning work consists of several different phases. I can support you in finding your own individual way to bid farewell to your loved life companion.

Together we overcome this emotional time and reduce and minimize your suffering.

Bach flower therapy

The therapy with Bach flowers essences/remedies has been a successful, simultaneously gentle and tolerable treatment for animal (and human) beings for decades.

Bach flower essences/remedies are suitable for all animals. They support the self-healing power and have an effect on body, mind and soul.


Dr. Edward Bach speaks of “negative states of mind”. The flower essences/remedies do balance and harmonize these. The basis of the Bach flower therapy is that our emotional state is the cause of physical health problems and destructive behavioural patterns which block our self-healing powers. The aim of the Bach flower therapy is the dissolution of those emotional blocks and the restoring of the mental balance.

Animal Communication Ulrike Birkemeyer - Bach Flower Therapy

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Warmest regards, Ulrike Birkemeyer

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